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Double RL Low Straight - 16oz Raw Denim - My Best Friend for 68 Weeks

The Double RL Low Straight jeans are beste described as an updated classic fit with a medium rise pitched waist and slightly leaner straight leg. I remember trying on these mean RRL Low Straight babies for the first time in September 2012. They are rough, uncomfortable, hairy and most of all thick like crazy. It feels like a mix of wool and wood when you first try on these monsters and it takes some serious effort before that get to anything close comfortable. 

You have to know I own more than a few jeans. But this was the first time since we founded Tenue de Nîmes in 2008, that I felt almost no need to wear anything except this Double RL monster. The fabric is a tribute to a 1940s quality with a loose weave that allows for 'grin-through' wherein light weft yarns show through the face of the cloth. Additionally, the singe (burring the hairs of the fabric to provide a clean touch) has been reduced which creates this remarkable ‘hairy’ feel. These Double RL rig ids were the last jeans I bought from the store and are basically the only thing I wore, except for some of my vintage Levi’s 501’s. As you can see on the pictures the jeans aged perfectly. What I like best about Double RL jeans are the ‘bulls’ embroidery on the back pockets which faded away a little bit. The jeans truly became like a second skin and after 17 months, a bath-tub and a sea-soke they are still super solid. I my opinion there is nothing more annoying than a rigid denim loosing its shape and strength after some months of wear. Well although these killer jeans faded nicely already they feel like they will last another decade! 

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Low Straight Rigid
  • Low Straight Rigid


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