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Out now: Journal de Nîmes Nº13 The AMEKAJI ISSUE

Today, we release our 13th printed Journal de Nîmes: The AMEKAJI issue. First of all the magazine offers an extensive interview with W. David Marx, the author of the book called ‘Ametora’ in which he traces the history and the influence of ‘American Cool’ in Japan. Also in this issue we introduce you to the godfather of Japanese yarn-dyed indigo in Europe: Mr. Marco Bonzanni. He explains how he looks at new retail and the 'brand revolution' the world is facing these days. 
To further unravel the concept of ‘Amekaji’ we looked for concepts and stories that somehow embrace the concept of the American 'original’. In May this year we travelled to Japan to build the foundations for Tenue de Nîmes ‘Made in Japan’ line and met with Kapital’s founder Toshikiyo Hirata outside his Kojima HQ.
The magic of a single piece of Japanese denim fabric was also the basis of this issue’s key-note: an interview with Maria Erixon, co-founder and Creative Director of Nudie Jeans who explained how one fabric and the desire to be independent, formed the basis of one of Europe’s most inspiring denim labels around. 
This issue also highlights some of the most inspiring brands that successfully created the most sought-after product in Japan. First of all, Human Made by Nigo, the reclusive genius behind A Bathing Ape, or BAPE, the Japanese streetwear brand and also Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER is put in the spotlight.
On top of that this 13th publication offers Tokyo’s best retail destinations in collaboration with Japan-based artist Luis Mendo and shows the most exquisite vintage design designers such as George Nakashima in the returning Hand Crafted Modern section. Check it out here or pick a paper issue up at the store!
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