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Tenue de Nîmes sells vintage pieces from 'Archive de Nîmes' & Atelier & Repairs

1 December 2016 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes vintage Army Atelier Repairs

We are happy to introduce you to a new product line at Tenue de Nîmes: Vintage!! Although we sold bits and pieces of from our vintage archive before, we feel this is new start within this category. First of all we have selected some of the finest vintage and dead-stock army pieces from our Tenue de Nîmes archive. Some of those we updated with orignal Navy lettering and we refurbished some others with for instance original patches from the U.S. Military. The picture shows you one of the latest drops: A vintage Swiss Army jacket with some cheerful custom patches added to it. 
On top of that we are proud to announce we started collaborating with our friend Maurizio Donadi and his ‘Atelier & Repairs' brand. Maurizio sells the most exquisite refurbished vintage out there: Custom Levi’s 501s with Hawaii fabric or original US Army pants with ‘boro’ fabric. We are excited to spread the news the first drops of Atelier & Repairs have just made it to our Amsterdam stores. A more indepth look at Atelier & Repairs will follow soon. Image by Piet Oosterbeek.
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