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Japan Blue x Tenue de Nîmes Côte d'Ivoire Cotton 'Indigo x Black’ Jeans

We launch a special Tenue de Nîmes collaboration today with one of Japan’s most influential denim brands: Japan Blue. This special denim collection consists of three exclusive Japanse slim-fit denims: Two 'dry' denims and one washed jean. This dry garment is made out of a beautiful fabric with an indigo warp and black weft and has tone-on-tone stitching. The jeans have a special co-branded patch and are limited to 60 pieces. Also check out the other two jeans we made with Japan Blue here
General information about the project: 
The company’s founder Mr. Manabe proposed to do a special partnership with Tenue de Nîmes and Japan Blue Co Ltd. to introduce the world to one of his latest denim achievements: Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Jeans. Japan Blue started investigating this type of African cotton while on a journey to uncover the origin of jeans. The Japanese denim experts were looking for a type of cotton that could match the sort that was used when production of denim first took off, as far back as the 19th century. Côte d’Ivoire cotton is hand-picked, minimising any damage in the process. Garments made with this cotton are  comfortable to wear and the fabric will show a magnificent, natural color fading over time.
After a long period of searching and testing mr Manabe found the perfect match in the West-African country of Ivory Coast. But at the same time, Mr Manabe also could not help but see that the country suffered heavily from the Civil War. He felt he had to do something that would extend beyond his buying this special cotton, so he set up a collaboration between his  company and Ivory Coast.  Japan Blue decided it was time that the value of Côte d’Ivoire cotton was acknowledged globally and to achieve that Manabe teamed up with the Embassy of the Republic of Ivory Coast in Japan. The agreement that followed soon after their meeting outlined that Japan Blue would donate 1% of their denim sales made from Côte d’Ivoire cotton to the African country to support the local government and to take part in areas of development in the country.
Tenue de Nîmes is proud to participate in this collaboration as well, contributing to the awareness of sustainability and the co-creation of a better future for the people in Ivory Coast.
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