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Natural Hand-Made Leather Belts by Tenue de Nîmes

We are now proud to present our own Tenue de Nimes hand made belts.
We got together with our friend Julian, to create 3 different belts, and they are made in Holland.
The hides come from Scandinavia, get sent to Belgium, where they are tanned in all Natural ingedients like chestnut.
Brass buckles and industrial copper rivets come from England.
We offer the belts in 3 colours; natural oiled, Indigo and black. Julian mixes the pigment and they are all dyed by hand. No two straps are alike.
We have a wide strap and a medium strap. Wide (38mm), Medium (32mm).
Belt sizes are measured in true inches from the middle hole to the end of the strap, by the buckle tong.
If you wear a 32 size jean the belt will probably be a 36.
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Julian 32mm
  • Julian 32mm
  • Julian 38mm


€ 99,95