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Hancock VA x Tenue de Nîmes Article 49

1 December 2015 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Collaboration Hancock Outerwear

We are excited to present you the second part of our most recent collaboration with British luxury outerwear brand Hancock VA. Art.49 in Night/Ink is the modern trenchcoat redefined. Featuring a cross-over, concealed fastening for a clean aesthetic, leather buckle tension belt and traditional shaped, adjustable sleeve tabs.

The Hancock x Tenue de Nîmes collection is hand-made in Schotland and exclusive available Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam. 
Also check out our limited edition black rain coat here. Buy this jacket below, or come and have a look in the store!
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Article 49HW
  • Article 49HW



€ 999,95