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Gents, Winter is Coming - Choose Your Jacket Right!

21 October 2015 - Tags: Acne Studios Monitaly Outerwear APC

It’s Autumn! So time to dress up and choose that perfect piece of autumn armour! For Tenue de Nîmes ‘Messieurs’ we selected the following three jackets this time of the year: The Alpes Parka by our friends over at A.P.C. combined with a vintage Levi’s denim jacket. Secondly the 'Made in the USA' Raglan Zipper Jacket with Military Amry blanket wool body and cow leather sleeves by Monitaly.The third image shows the Cashmere and Wool blend oversized overcoat by Acne Studios with a Tenue de Nîmes x Seldom pullover underneath.

If you wish to acquire any further information please feel free to use the Disqus form below. Or come and have a look at our full selection in the stores! Check out the women's selection here

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