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Simon Miller: Japanese fabrication and classic American construction

29 September 2015 - Tags: Indigo Denim Style Simon Miller

Wandering around Paris, René stumbled upon a brand that somehow felt connected to everything we embrace at Tenue de Nîmes. This brand was called Simon Miller. We discovered it was founded on the principles of Japanese fabrication and classic American construction, translated into contemporary patterns. This ’New Vintage’ framework is the basic assumption at the start of every Simon Miller collection. Think denim and indigo aged with advanced wash treatments, alongside ready-to-wear classics offering a sophisticated, natural ease. 
The Simon Miller brand draws inspiration from the city of Los Angeles and the minimalist landscapes of the American west. The brand strives for well-crafted and timeless collections that are made to be ‘lived in'. The Simon Miller collection is developed in the brand’s two locations on the East-and West Coast of the US. They have a New York showroom and a denim studio in L.A. Both spaces express the brand’s passion for raw material – juxtaposing industrial concrete with warm aged leathers and faded indigos. Just the way we like it! Read more in our upcoming Journal de Nîmes
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