The Good Things in Life

Acne Studios Hava Boiled Wool Jacket & Sophia Jacquard Bomber Jacket

30 July 2015 - Tags: Fashion Mesdames Acne Studios

While we are enjoying a Dutch summer (Californians would refer to it as winter) Tenue de Nîmes prepares for the new season Autumn Winter season! There is no brand more capable to set the tone than our good friends at Acne Studios. Their first hit this season is immediately one to remember: The brand just released its mind-blowing Hava Jacket in off-white boiled wool. This signature piece comes with a dramatic ‘bow’ and has a beautiful notched collar. The second image shows the Sophia Jacquard padded bomber jacket that we revealed earlier this week on our Tenue de Nîmes Instagram. Winter is coming good people so we are back soon with more of those Tenue de Nîmes ‘Good Things in Life’.

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