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Aspesi, Milano: Dreamers Live for Ever

5 July 2015 - Tags: Made in Italy Aspesi Outerwear

We were invited to come to Milan last week by our friend Serge, who’s Navy Agency represents Aspesi from Italy. When we arrived on Tuesday we were introduced to the Aspesi team and the Aspesi Team showed us their Men's and Women's Spring Summer 2016 collection. On Wednesday Rene and I saw some of Milan’s finest retail like Antonia and Excelsior before we set foot to the Aspesi factory. In our upcoming Journal de Nîmes we will take you with us behind the scenes of this amazing Italian brand. We are happy to announce that as of upcoming season Tenue de Nîmes will stock a fine selection of Aspesi product in both Tenue de Nîmes stores. The image shows you a wonderful paper Aspesi dress made from newspapers to support the store windows of their international Aspesi partners.  

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