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Jean of the Week: RRL Low Straight Rigid

1 June 2015 - Tags: Jeans Double RL Denim RRL Jean of the Week

Some times waiting just takes too long. Especially when it comes to waiting for a full re-stock of your beloved jeans brands: Double RL. But since we just received a full re-stock of the RRL Low Straight we thought it was a great moment to make the Low Straight by RRL ‘Jean of the Week’! The jeans are part of the brand’s Icon Collection, a group of core products that come back every season. The jeans are made from an exclusive 16,25 oz. narrow loom selvage denim (every RRL fabric is made exclusively for the brand). Double RL tried to recapture the touch of a 1940s weave, those qualities where known for a so-called ‘grin-through’, wherein light weft yarns show through the fabric. Last there was less singing done (process of burning off the fibers of the top of the fabric) which gives the jeans a nice and ‘hairy’ touch.

If you are interested to see how these killer jeans look after a while check out the post on my beloved RRL Low Straight jeans a did a while ago here

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