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Tenue de Nîmes presents Hansen Garments, A mini-interview with Aase Helena Hansen

2 May 2015 - Tags: Interview Fashion Craftsmanship Hansen

It has been a while that Rene and I came across a contemporary brand that inspired us as much as Danish brand Hansen does. Hansen is a brand that is all about clothing design and astonishing fabrics. Although there is something about the designs that reminds us of early 20th Century chic, designer Hansen is clear: "I create contemporary designs for everyday life". 
TdN: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us something about your background?
Aase: I have a background in photography, jewelry making and many years of designing denim and women’s wear. Per Chrois came from a different field; film and TV production.
TdN: Could you introduce our Tenue de Nîmes friends to the Hansen legacy? What does the brand stand for?
Aase: Hansen is a Scandinavian men’s and women’s wear brand embodying simple, honest and democratic design for everyday life. We create clothing with a sense of longevity in mind.  We craft earnest pieces that cross-seasonal boundaries and age handsomely. We design collections that evoke a feeling of satisfaction and ease. We work from a sincere belief in discerning day-to-day dressing. Garments are constructed to be effortlessly enduring without overstatement.  The silhouette connects the ruggedness of work wear with finer tailoring references.
TdN: I know you don't like to be referred to as a 'heritage brand' but your products seem to capture so much history. What makes you feel contemporary? Please explain.
Aase: I am very much influenced by the past. I take a lot of inspiration from the early 20th century photography, but never claimed to be a heritage brand. The word it self became very fashionable, and perhaps lost it’s value or meaning.  I even think it is confused with the word vintage?  We have our Scandinavian culture, traditions and aesthetics (heritage) in mind when designing the collections and communicating our brand. Basically we call what we do clothing, and whatever ‘box’ we are in does not worry me. Our fits and silhouettes are contemporary.
TdN: If you would have to choose one piece, what would be your favourite Hansen garment? Can you explain why?
Aase: For the SS15 season it must be the tie trousers (Tommy) and the matching blazer (Aksel). I like to do untraditional suiting. The indigo fabric is amazing, and from one of my favourite Japanese suppliers Nihon Menpu.
TdN: How do you look at the future? What kind of ambitions do you guys have with the brand?
Aase: After 5 years we have found our expression – and we will continue working on this track. We will become wiser and better and grow a bit, but we have no desire to build an empire.  We value to be able to make quality clothing and we value the people that recognises it. We just launched a small women’s line and are excited to see where that will bring us. 
Tenue de Nîmes is proud to announce we just received the first drop of Hansen Garments for women too! Their debut women’s collection is all about creating clever clothing for the contemporary woman. There is a sense of universality in this collection, something for women who don’t necessarily adhere to trends. The womenswear line is guided by the Hansen menswear design, interpreted with a feminine sentiment and emphasis on effortlessness. Hansen created a timeless collection adhering to the Hansen Garments philosophy; that textile selection is paramount in the creation of each piece. 
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