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Available Now: Alden Shell Cordovan, extraordinary quality and durability

30 April 2015 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Shoes Alden

The Alden of New England family uses only the best natural leathers available to make their shoes. The main difference between a natural leather and most of the treated leathers in mass markets is the color variations of natural leather. When people mass produce, let’s say, fifty thousand blue shoes, all of them need to match in terms of color. This matching is achieved by adding a chemical named ‘chrome’, which according to Mr. John Happ at Alden fixes the color like egg-white does to paint on canvas. Alden however uses vegetable tanned leather which is more expensive but never 100 percent consistent in color. Now this may sound negative but in fact we believe this is, in addition to the hand work discussed above, another unique feature of Alden shoes. So a batch of 403 Indie Boots delivered today might look slightly different in color from another batch delivered in a few months.
By far the most iconic leather used by Alden Shoe is known as ‘Shell Cordovan’. This type of leather comes from the backside of a horse and is sturdy and robust. Where the rest of all the horse leather is generally drier, more fibrous and often used for leather jackets, Cordovan leather is known for its robust feel and for the fact it does not wrinkle! Cordovan leather breaks in in what we like to describe as ‘waves’. There is less need to polish Cordovan shoes because of the leather’s fattiness: it contains plenty of natural oils. Cordovan leather is exclusive, expensive and global availability is very limited. So although many shoe aficionado’s would love to purchase a pair of ‘Shell Cordovan’ shoes because the color goes with everything and the leather takes care of itself, they often have to wait several months before they can make a purchase. 
We at Tenue de Nîmes are very proud to welcome the frist batch of Alden Plain Toe Blutcher Oxford and the Alden Long Wing lucre Oxford in Shell Cordovan! Make sure you don’t wait too long with checking them out as stock is limited! Read more about Alden in Journal de Nîmes 11
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