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Welcome back Nike Air Pegasus 83

5 April 2015 - Tags: vintage Sneakers Nike

On the day that this iconic Nike Air Pegasus sneaker was released in 1983 I was only two years old. But the impact of the Nike brand on kids like myself was enormous. By the time I was ten I tried to convince my mother that I could play tennis on these killers, or the Nike Huarage (that was first released in 1991) if she thought that would be a better option.

Unfortunately mum did not believe me and I had to play on boring crisp white tennis shoes instead. So I assume you understand why I am personally so delighted with this second chance we just received at Tenue de Nîmes. Nike just released this Pegasus 83 quick strike in blue and black too (more images attached to this post). We have only limited sizes available. If you wish to reserve a size use the disqus field or throw us a line.   

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