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Re-stock of the Tenue de Nîmes scented candles by Le Labo

14 March 2015 - Tags:

We are happy to inform you that our friends at le Labo just released another batch of our Tenue de Nîmes scented candles. On the images above you see one of our favourite Tenue de Nîmes scents: Pin 12 full of pine woods, musk and amber.
Every Le Labo for Tenue de Nîmes 6,9oz ‘Vintage Candle’ comes in a distinctive tin can which can be used for all kind of purposes after burning the candle totally. The 100% soy wax candles are hand-poured in the USA and burn for approximately 50hrs. Other vintage candles in the range are: Santal 26, Laurier 62, Calone 17, Figure 15 and Petit Grain 21. 
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