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Atelier de L’Armee ‘Series' Collection

3 February 2015 - Tags: Accessories Atelier de L'Armee

Our friends Elsa and Joost over at Atelier de L’Armee presented their new collection in Paris this week. All the Atelier D’Armee products are true Dutch craftsmanship as they are produced at a local factory. Although the brand started off making stand-alone pieces with new and exclusive vintage materials, they have now successfully showed their second ’Series’ collection. 
All the pieces are still routed in the duo’s love for heavy duty materials but also show a more contemporary look and feel. The first Atelier de L’Armee bags have now been delivered to our Tenue de Nîmes store as well as Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam. The collection consists of several military canvases and dead stock cordura fabrics. Shown above are the black and green Atelier de L'Armee Market Tote with a printed logo on the side and a water repellent, closable inner bag. Perfect to serve the needs of the adventurous and modern traveller.
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