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A new Tenue de Nîmes Playlist on Spotify - Spring Summer 2015 by Rudy Ross

Our Tenue de Nîmes Music Engineer and Store Manager at Elandsgracht: Rudy Ross kicks off 2015 with a new Tenue de Nîmes Playlist! The new selection is already the 4th Tenue de Nîmes playlist on Spotify and it will compliment any moment of joy during the upcoming Spring Summer 2015 season. Although the 2014 list was hard to leave behind, especially because we couldn't get enough of The War on Drugs' album In Reverse, Rudy's new collection is becoming another one te remember. We are happy at least a few of the 2014 killers were allowed to join the show in this next season too. Amongst those 2014 killers is the Ryan Adams album released in September last year.

Rudy made sure to emphasise that the list is still ‘under construction’ as it only consists of 300 tracks so far, but this amount is rapidly growing. And to quote master himself: "Spring and Summer 2015 at Tenue de Nîmes will be all about love's chemistry. Expect silky smooth duets, sensual psychedelia and hypnotic beats from 60's till now" Boom!The image was taken by Tommy Kuijper for the upcoming Journal de Nîmes ‘Future Issue’ that will be released in the coming days. Join and enjoy the Tenue de Nîmes playlist here!

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