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Converse x Nigel Cabourn Chuck Taylor All Star in Ventile Camouflage

8 November 2014 - Tags: Nigel Cabourn Converse Chuck Taylor

Special 'First String' delivery from our friends over at Converse! We are proud to present another stunning collaboration between Converse and our friend from New Castle: Nigel Cabourn. Marking his fourth collaborative release with the American brand, Cabourn adds his signature hand-screened camouflage pattern in his beloved ‘Ventile’ fabric to Converse’s premium Chuck 70 ox last. Ventile fabric was developed for use in WWII flight suits as a material to protect Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire pilots when they ejected from their planes into icy cold waters. The Ventile fabric extended survival time tenfold and saved many pilots’ lives. Suits made with Ventile fabric remain in use by BritishRoyal Air Force to this day. The tightly interlaced L28 Ventile cotton is both wind and water-resistant, featuring on the outside of the sneaker’s upper, as well as the inside lining- making it the perfect material for all weather conditions.
Converse First String is a limited-edition collection that celebrates craftsmanship, authenticity and collaboration at the highest level. The Converse All Star Chuck 70 Nigel Cabourn Ox sneaker will be sold exclusively in Europe at premium retailers like Tenue de Nîmes and Nigel’s Army Gym. The shoes are available for purchase online too as from Monday. 
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