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Acne Velocite Jacket by Dirk Kikstra - Preview Journal de Nîmes 'FUTURE Issue'

Every season we come across this one piece from which we know it will positively freak out a lot of our people. When we visited the Acne Studios in Paris last winter we felt that the Acne Velocite lammy coat would become this season’s talk of the town. This stunning oversized Acne Studios jacket is made with heavy leather and has shearling details on both neck and cuffs. The Velocite is made from 100% lamb fur and is (next to the white version shown here) available in  light brown.
When we asked Dirk Kikstra to do a photo shoot for the upcoming ‘Future’ issue of Journal de Nîmes he decided to take the future of relationships as his next theme. This image shown is part of an unusual series that and we are excited to officially launch it later this month. For now enjoy this first glimpse and make sure you come and see the beest yourself soon too!
Photography by Dirk Kikstra at Sticky Stuff, Styling by Inge de Lange, Make-up by Sisley Angenois at House of Orange, Hair by Jan Fuite at House of Orange. 
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