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Thom Yorke presents a new Tenue de Nîmes favourite: Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

There are some people in music who you can either love or hate. I consider myself as a fanatic member of the LOVE group where it comes to the legacy of Radiohead’s frontman Thom Yorke. Our friend Jurien sent the me the unexpected news that Yorke just released his second solo album after last year’s dazzling show with his new band Atoms for Peace. Thom Yorke personally invited us to attend his last two concerts since he is a fan of Red Wing Shoes and Mitch at Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam seems to be the only one able to find him a pair of Red Wing 8131 in his size.
But although I am proud to say we have some sort of Dutch connection with Thom Yorke, our Tenue de Nîmes sound engineer Rudy still not added 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes’ to our latest Tenue de Nîmes Playlist at Spotify (which is technically not even possible because Thom Yorke has never been a fan of the service and therefore refuses to publish his latest work there). Hopefully this blogpost will prove our Rudy wrong and maybe we can welcome him to the love team too! 
In case you did not have a chance to listen to York’s new work here is a link to the first track which is available for free. The entire Thom Yorke 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes’ is available to download at BitTorrent for six US Dollar. Special tip from Joachim: Where your headphones for the 2.0 experience. Enjoy!! Picture: AP, through Metro
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