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Tenue de Nîmes meets Benjamin Vergnion, Founder & Creative Director of Etiquette Clothiers

2 September 2014 - Tags: Accessories Etiquette Clothiers

This is the story of an entrepreneur with Swiss routs who spent a life-time in New York City, fell in love with men’s accessories and now decided to follow his Dutch wife to the lovely city of Amsterdam. Time to meet Bejamin Vergnion, Founder of Etiquette Clothiers. 
MM) When did you start Etiquette and what was your main goal with the brand?
BV) Etiquette Clothiers was born in New York City in 2011. The goal was to provide Men with a redefined experience and unique destination for luxury basics. Our collection includes socks, underwear, t-shirts and swimwear – all made in Italy with a focus on traditional craftsmanship, highest quality materials, timeless sophistication that’s fashionable, but always wearable. We call it the World’s Most Proper Basics.
MM) Why do you believe everybody should treat themselves with Etiquette goods?
BV) We abide by the philosophy that “the outside deserves the same attention as the inside”. Etiquette Clothiers begins with what you first put on each day. It's the foundation of your everyday dress routine and the essential building blocks of your personal style and personality. Some people still think basics are calculated in weight while others appreciate the finer things in life and understand that a “proper” jacket or pair of denim deserve more than the 5-pack super saver deal of the week.
MM) You have been doing some amazing collaborations with people like Mark McNairy. Who would you like to team up with next and what would you like to make?
BV) We only collaborate with people we like as individuals and respect as professionals. Mark has those qualities... he plays hard but works even harder and has been a great inspiration. We recently finished working on a new project with Steven Alan launching this fall, which was an exciting challenge. For us the “collaboration” exercise goes beyond just co-branding a product and coupling logos… it’s about doing something we haven’t done before or didn’t have a purpose of doing. It’s about combining the knowledge, applying new techniques and searching for innovative materials.
Who would I like to team up with next you ask? Not to be cliché given the context… what about Tenue de Nîmes? An indigo socks collection crafted in Italy and hand dyed in Japan. That sounds proper.
Stay tuned for more!
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