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Tenue de Nîmes - The Good Things in Life - An Interview by KleinSpace

19 August 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Inspiration Interview

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to welcome Liubou Minniyeva to the Tenue de Nîmes stores. Liubou ('Love' in Russian) runs a great blog by the name of KleinSpace and we are super excited to be featured at her lovely platform. Here is a preview to the interview. Press the link to continue reading at KleinSpace.  

"Let's start from the beginning: what type of a  'shopper' are you? Impulsive, slow, practical or may be natural? I love to go for shopping, however, i do like result and no discussion. So i am not going to moan for hours thinking buy or not to buy, I am just going home, thinking about it and if next day i still have it in my mind, most likely i will get an item. In my blog we rarely talk about fashion, but actually it is one of my biggest passions and sometimes, i can even sacrifice to buy an interior design item for some nice pair of shoes:) How bad of me?
In Amsterdam we have plenty of shops that can satisfy my personal needs and even more. However, I am always admiring the places with a great concept and design. Like a person, if he/she is amazing, everything around him/ her will be great. Tenue de Nîmes is a perfect example of that.
Equally attractive as well as for girls and boys, i could not stop but wondering, that it feels almost like a home. Dream home, where the mix of home decor, fashion and taste is blended in a perfectly completed way.  
Menno van Meurs one of the co-owners of Tenue de Nîmes was very kind to answer some of my questions here and I am sure, that you will really enjoy this conversation.
The story of Tenue de Nîmes is a very inspirational trip and vision of a people, who truly believe in what they are doing. How it all started?
You know it all started with the very simple desire to bring back back a true denim store to Amsterdam. A blue store like our parents used to know in the 1970s where everybody could find a high quality pair of jeans that they would take into a bath tub and wore it for many years after. 
Since then the store kind of evolved into a place where people come to get to know 'The good things in life', products and brands somehow related to the quality, functionality en beauty of 1950s jeans. Those products may derive from Japanese Chambray shirts to American ceramics and from 20th century design to highly modern Vulcanised Rubber cotton raincoats by Hancock. We want people to let go of time, feel surprised and feel part of our Tenue de Nîmes family." Continue reading.
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