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Tenue de Nîmes presents Forte Forte 'Wonderland'

29 June 2014 - Tags: Fashion Mesdames Forte Forte

We have a lot to look forward this fall and the new collection of Italian brand Forte Forte for Tenue de Nîmes is one those things. Forte Forte is designed and produced in Italy by Giada and Paolo Forte. After gaining experience in the international fashion industry, Giada and Paolo decided they wanted to create that completely reflects the following metaphors: pure, real, sincere and emotional.
This Fall Winter season the couple created a concept called ‘Wonderland’ which turned into a dreamlike collection. This is what Giada and Paolo Forte shared with Tenue de Nîmes when we asked them about their ‘Wonderland’ collection that will hit the Tenue de Nîmes stores in August:
“A fantastic journey with Alice in a hidden world where every corner discloses wonders. It is about an actual, modern and protagonist new Alice at the discovery of an imaginary land where fabrics and colours recall the brilliant lightness of games and emotions of tender age. Alice enjoys, discovers and mixes shapes and structures. The richness of precious fabrics as silk and noble wools meets the joy and freshness of an imaginary world made of vibrant shades giving a glowing rhythm to this winter."


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