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Wardrobe icons by Atelier Tossijn - Aiming for the perfect T-Shirt

25 June 2014 - Tags: Jeans Denim Brand Fashion Atelier Tossijn

In previous years we wrote many times about our talented friend Koen Tossijn. A lot of these stories were about his amazing custom made jeans at Atelier Tossijn. When I asked Koen what his next step would be he told me that his most important ambition is to create an ultimate range of wardrobe icons. A jean, a sweater or a jacket maybe. So unlike many other brands Atelier Tossijn will become a growing assortment rather than an annually changing collection: Koen will keep on adding icons every once in a while. 
The most recent addition to his wardrobe is the Atelier Tossijn T-shirt, made from a long staple cotton from Austria. Koen was kind enough to send a first example of his dark navy tee to Rene and I and the feel of it is in one word spectaculair. If you have not yet fallen for the craftsmanship of Atelier Tossijn check out Koen’s website, or better: Make an appointment with him to co-create you very own Atelier Tossijn jean.
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