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Tenue de Nimes presents Mad et Len - Exclusive Cosmetics from France

11 June 2014 - Tags: Mad et Len Cosmetics

When we first came across the exclusive French Cosmetics brand Mad et Len we instantly fell in love with its rough appearance. I know that sounds odd; a cosmetics brand should be known for its scents rather than its looks, but I’m sure you understand what I mean if you look at the pictures above. Mad et Len products are presented in a beautiful heavy, dark steel jars with a massive cover. These jars are made by local French blacksmiths and turn into a black urn when the candles are used entirely and are ready for a second life as heavy duty storage. 
Mad et Len was founded in 2007 and has always been a bit of an industry mystery. First of all because of their super exclusive product line. Secondly because of their highly selective distribution through influential colleagues like L’Eclaireur in Paris. We are very happy to announce that Mad et Len will start taking our first Tenue de Nîmes order in production as we speak. More about the contents of our first Mad et Len range at Tenue de Nîmes soon.  
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