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Grenson's Tim Little talking 'Grenson Girls' with Tenue de Nîmes

5 June 2014 - Tags: London Grenson Mesdames Shoes

Last February we had a speed date with Grenson's owner and Creative Director Tim Little at their Kingsroad HQ in London. Because it was the third time we were buying the Grenson Women's collection (in addition to the men's) we decided it would be nice to get to know more about this exciting English shoe project for women (unofficially) known as 'Grenson Girls'.  
TdN: Tim could you introduce yourself for those ones who did not read the previous interview in Journal de Nîmes Nº5?
TL: "My name is Tim Little, I am a shoe designer with my own collection but I also own the British brand Grenson."
TdN: Grenson is one of England’s beautiful traditional shoe making brands. Since when do you guys make ladies shoes?
TL: "I actually looked through the archives and realised that Grenson have tried making womens several times over the years but they always seemed to try and make a different type of shoe from the mens. Its as if they said, women wear something different from men so that’s what we must do. I believe that what we do for men is also cool for women, so we make versions of of our mens shoes but on womens lasts. Shoes always look nicer on smaller lasts so the result is beautiful shoes."
TdN: What is the main difference between a ladies and a mens shoe in your opinion?
TL: "The way we do it the only differences are the lasts which are much narrower for women and some of the materials, as women are a little braver than men, so we can be a bit more adventurous. Other than that I love the fact that our shoes have no concessions for women, they are what they are, we don’t try and feminise them too."
TdN: How did you come up with the expression ‘Grenson Gilrs’? And what is your main objective with the line?
TL: "Grenson girls came from an old picture (see link) which was a picture from 1913 of a Grenson factory girls in a 'hospital parade' in the town and was captioned Grenson Girls. I’ve always loved it as it shows a the factory being a central part of the local community. Also the world Girls is always used over here affectionately. For example, my wife will say she’s going out with the girls when she’s out on the town!"
TdN: What can we expect the coming season from Grenson where it comes to the womens collection?
TL: "For the new season, there are some bright glitter leather colours from Italy, some 'mock crock' calf leather, lots of new soles and plenty of colourful brogues. We also have a new monk shoe and a lovely new wingtip loafer." Portrait by Thomas Tukker.
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