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Introducing CEBO Shoes

1 June 2014 - Tags: Journal de Nîmes Sneakers Cebo

It was our good friend Roel Hagen and his business partner Philippe Rousseaux who first introduced us to the world of vulcanized sneakers. Roel is a shoe fetishist and specialist in equal measure. Long before he launched his CEBO brand he used to come into the store on Saturdays, bringing freshly made lemon cake and some samples to tell us about his latest adventures in Slovakia.
It was in this eastern European city that he found his treasure: the CEBO factory. He considers it a treasure to this day because it both enabled him to live his dream, but it also came with a rich history: the factory was established in the late 1930s in Simonovany, in what was then still called Czechoslovakia, by Antonin Bata.The CEBO canvas shoes are produced with a direct vulcanization process. This means that outsole and canvas upper are put on last and inserted into a metal mold. Then, heated, 100% natural, liquid and uncured rubber is injected into the mold under high pressure and envelops sole and canvas upper to form a unified shoe. The press then opens and the shoe is released from the mold to cool down. Extra rubber caused by overflow is removed by hand. The process is named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.
Read the rest of the remarkable CEBO story in our latest Journal de Nîmes. CEBO sneakers are available in various colours for both men and women at our Tenue de Nîmes stores. Image by Thomas Tukker.
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