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A look into Journal de Nîmes: Dirk Kikstra x Tenue de Nîmes Archive

Rene, Joachim and I have been collecting vintage ever since we founded Tenue de Nîmes in 2008. After some store exhibitions we have been looking for a nice way to exhibit our archive pieces every once in while. We believe it’s so much fun to actually be able to show people where most of today’s inspiration for fashion and denim design dates back to. We have so much great vintage denim pieces, US Army and US Navy collectables as well as other iconic pieces from the past that we would like to show to you.
When I talked about this desire with Dutch Photographer Dirk Kikstra he instantly proposed to do a nice photo-shoot for the upcoming Journal de Nîmes Nº10. Attached are some of our favourite images from that shoot. If you wish to see more have a look at our online publication. 
Because the amount of great pictures Dirk made was so immense we thought it would be best to split them up. This issue of Journal de Nîmes features all of his group shots and we will exhibit some of his portraits in the store soon too. More about that later.
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