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Welcome to the Scarti-Lab family

24 May 2014 - Tags: Scarti-Lab Made in Italy

'Welcome to the family', was all they said when we left. It was probably the best way to describe a superb 24hr trip to the Scarti-Lab workshop in Bologna. Thanks to some close friends from the industry we came across Melissa (lady right) and Gaetano (grey beard and head), co-founders of the Italian Scarti-Lab brand. 
We spent a day in their inspiring workspace looking at their unique denim and apparel collection as well as their impressive archive / atelier. Have you ever had the feeling you knew somebody for years although it was only hours? It is the best way to describe they way we felt when we met these lovely apparel purists. The minute we walked into their garage they started cooking, pouring Lambrusco (the area is famous for their white and red bubble wines) and talked about living their dream. 
The coming weeks we will be back with some more indepth info on the Scarti-Lab brand. For now we would like to introduce you to our latest family portrait! Saluti! 
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