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Spotted in China: Nalden rocking the Libertine Libertine 'Strolenberg' Fingers

When we first heard about Libertine-Libertine’s idea of making a ‘Strolenberg’ shirt we did not really know what to expect. After seeing the first proto we realised it was ‘the finger’ that became Rene’s international trademark during Paris Fashion-Week. When our buddy Nalden came in to the store the other day he instantly felt that this Libertine-Libertine special edition would be the perfect ‘armor' during his trip to China. A few days later he posted this image on Instagram and we simply had to share it here too. 
Special thanks goes out to our friends Rasmus and Peter at Libertine-Libertine and of course to Nalden for sending us this epic picture from the thrilling People’s Republic of China. 
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