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An interview with Tenue de Nîmes on Denimhunters

18 May 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Denim

A few weeks ago Matt Wilson, As. Editor in Chief at Denimhunters visited our Tenue de Nîmes stores. After a lovely day in Amsterdam Matt did an interview with us for the Denimhunters website. Below is an introduction Matt wrote to the interview. Please check out the link on the bottom to read the entire interview on the their website.  
“There are a number of stores around Europe that are simply denim meccas. Places every denim-head dreams of visiting. Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam is a store that has achieved this not once but twice. Interestingly, their success is partly due to their understanding of the female mind. During my trip to Amsterdam this spring, co-owner Menno van Meurs was kind enough to take some time to have a chat about the concept behind their second store.”
Image taken at Tenue de Nîmes' Double RL window by Thomas Tukker.
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