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Tenue de Nîmes is proud to present the Amsterdam Denim Days!

2 May 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Amsterdam Denim

Amsterdam is almost ready to present you denim at its very best, as it is about to kick off the first Amsterdam Denim Days. An event for true denim aficionado’s. Amongst many exciting denim initiatives this week we will introduce you to some of Tenue de Nîmes' favourite get-togethers here as well official Amsterdam Denim Days video (click on image).
First of all the world-famous Kingpins Show hit our capital this week! On the 7th and 8th of May the Amsterdam show introduces us to the best weaving mills, washing factories and manufacturing companies of the world at the ‘Gashouder’, following successful trade-shows in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. 
The 8th and 9th of May all denim heads should visit BluePrint for an introduction to some of the leading denim brands as well as exhibitions by Bob ‘Butcher of Blue’ Hoogland x Denham and Miles Johnson’s Indigo Roosters. Last but not least everybody should hit the city to come and get a fresh copy of our upcoming ‘Journal de Nîmes Nº10’ The Denim Issue (release on Friday) or a fresh copy of the Tenue de Nîmes Denim Dictionary. We hope to see you there! Video by Joey de Leeuw. Image by Thomas Tukker.
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