The Good Things in Life

Mazama Wares, Making things in real life that will perform as well as they will age

12 April 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Design Craftsmanship Mazama

If it wasn’t for our friend Brian Awitan we would never get to know any cool stuff the United States has to offer (at least a lot less). Meet Mazama. This gorgeous brand was built around moments born from simple ingredients: good friends, good food and drink, interesting conversation. Mazama creates ceramic wares designed to enhance these moments, and bring them into everyday life as oen as possible. Mazama wares are about celebrating your favorite drinks with something simple, thoughtful, and made by hand — vessels that highlight both the contents they contain and the moments when they are consumed. Tenue de Nîmes is proud to announce we will be the first European store to stock these magical products. So a special thanks goes out to Bryan - I guess he knows already how we will serve the next saké (or green tea) upon his return to Amsterdam. 

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