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Red Wing presents Made in the Land of Wheat and Maize

6 February 2014 - Tags: Video Red Wing Shoes Bon Iver

Our friends at Red Wing have been working on something brilliant. As part of an ongoing video series, Red Wing is partnering with independent characters who wear Red Wing boots to give a glimpse into each of their lives. The first video highlights Grammy Award-winning musician Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir.

Justin is from a small town in Wisconsin named Eau Claire. The calm and simple midwest where he grew is noticeably present in his music and his boots as well. Some miles down the road he opened up a record studio as a meeting place for established artist and young and upcoming musicians to keep the spirit alive in Eau Claire.

Justin is quite fond of Red Wing and of course some of our focus was on the beautiful different pairs of Red Wings he wore. 
"Since I was a little kid my uncle and my dad wore Red Wing. With Red Wing, I always thought the form and the function were at the highest level. They last a long time, and they are made down the road and I think thats important."
"Those are the things that I have always been interested in because they have permanence - and the biggest thing is, they don't break. I can wear them through any situation and then put them on again the next day and they are fine. When I'm outside working, or inside at the studio, it's good t have things you can depend on like that."

Hard work, quality and longevity, Justin Vernon noticeably has the midwestern spirit Red Wing embraces.

Thank you Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam for sharing.

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