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All I Want for Christmas: Dennis Stock 'American Cool'

23 December 2013 - Tags: Photography The American Classic

Dennis Stock was a Magnum photographer for 50 years and once said that: "the heartbeat of good photography is discovery". He was a visual explorer with an astonishing eye for anything American. 'American Cool' is a book dedicated to Stock's most iconic work from the 1950s until the 1970s and it includes pictures that were never shown before. For example the book consists of a photo essay on James Dean just before his death. If I had to pic one favourite Christmas gift, this book would be it. And before I end with one of Stock's best quotes we hereby announce we are at your service tomorrow the entire day at both the Haarlemmerstraat as well as the Elandsgracht store! See you tomorrow!

"I think there is a thread to be observed throughout my work. It’s that I am relatively affirmative. I am not inclined to make fools of people and I love beauty". -Dennis Stock

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