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Indigo Red Wings.jpg

Proud to present: The Hand-Dyed Natural indigo Red Wing Shoes by Tenue de Nîmes

We are proud to present the latest Tenue de Nîmes special: A limited edition, hand-dyed, natural indigo Red Wing boot. During a visit to Kojima denim in May 2013, we asked the craftsmen at the Japanese factory of Rampuya whether it would be possible to dip-dye leather shoes. We provided them with five pairs of Red Wing boots, made from classic, natural rough-out leather. Our friends at Rampuya then dyed the boots with different compositions of natural and artificial indigo. We decided that the dark version of the natural indigo dye came out best because of its diverse shades of blue and its natural appearance. Stock of these boots is limited to fifty pairs that are exclusively available at our store Amsterdam and online for €299.90. Run fast!

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