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Tenue de Ni?mes 5 Year Anniversary - est. 2008.jpg

Tenue de Nîmes 5 Year Anniversary - est. 2008

21 November 2013 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes

Today, on the 21st of November, we celebrate Tenue de Nîmes 5 Year Anniversary. It wasn't until I started looking back at pictures we took that I realised how much has happened in the past five years. When we started Tenue de Nîmes in 2008 we could not possibly have imagined where our lovely journey would take us in the following years. Although we celebrate our Birthday on the 29th of November we would hereby like to thank you for all those amazing moments we spent together. The image above shows a remarkable store window we made with 'Calligraffiti' artist Niels 'Shoe' Meulman. The coming days we will reveal more 'celebration' news. We hope to see you the 29th! -- Follow the link to our event page.

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