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Tenue de Nîmes x Lot61 'Life Saver' Espresso

10 May 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Collaboration Coffee

A few months ago we met Adam, an Australian coffee professor who decided to sell his two coffee bars in the Big Apple for an adventure in The Netherlands. We got to know all about countries, flavours and the craft of coffee roasting thanks to Adam and his Lot61 Coffee Roasters crew-members Onno and Florian. Our passion for his liquid cocaine and his enthusiasm for our Tenue de Nîmes' goods led to a seasonal Tenue de Nîmes espresso blend: The ‘Life Saver’ espresso.
When we asked Adam about our 'Life Saver' this is what he shared with us: "The Life Saver comprises of 2 beans, a pulp natural Brasil which has a sweet nutty chocolate profile and we added some Ethiopia Limu to the mix which gives a little Dutch chocolate, sweet orange component. Careful attention to the picking of the coffee cherries, the way the coffee is dried, packaged and shipped play an important role too. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters' role is to roast and enhance the flavours produced by the farm and its many workers.” 
Rene and I hope to welcome you to one of the stores again soon to personally serve you one of our ‘Life Saver’ espressos. As from this moment the blend is also available to buy in a special collaboration pack of 250 grams through our website. Check out the 'buy' option below. Enjoy! 
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Life Saver
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