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Tenue de Nîmes x Benzak Denim Developers - Designed in Amsterdam, made in Japan

21 April 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Collaboration Denim BDD

We have joined forces with Benzak Denim Developers to create a limited edition collaboration denim. The jean is based on the BDD-006, a new slim fit with a modern mid rise, a snug thigh and a slightly tapered leg.

We selected a special 14,7oz Japanese right-hand twill denim with a remarkably tight weave for extra strength and rough touch which will eventually create an extreme fade. The fabric is easy to recognise because of its deep shade of indigo. This is the result of several extra dips by the Rampuya denim mill. 

The ‘Double Dutch’ jeans were designed in Amsterdam and produced in Japan. BDD is known as the ‘6-pocket Jean’, referring to a hidden pocket at the facing of the left front pocket, only noticable by the exposed selvedge at the top, underneath the waistband. This pocket is a tribute to the modern day cowboy often carries a bit more than coins, a pocket watch or nuggets of gold. 

All the Tenue de Nimes x BDD have a co-branded indigo blue leather patch and chambray pocket lining. The collaboration jeans are limited to 21 pairs and are exclusively available at the stores and online right here!

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