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L'Equipe de Nîmes - Introducing Maxime van Namen

Whenever a 16 year old asks you for a favour you know there is no such as a ‘no’ possible. Now, when a sixteen year old ask you that she would die to work at your store you are in trouble. My first reaction was honestly speaking: What are we possibly going to do with such a lovely, but way to young kid on a Saturday afternoon? Then René decided we would at least talk to her and the minute we sat down Maxime blew us away - and we completely lost sight of the word ‘age’ in the blink of an eye. Max, as we know like to call her turned out to be one of the most talented and gifted young people we ever met. At the age of 15 she started blogging and soon after she was serving thousands of fans across the world a daily dose of her personal ‘taste’. Rene and I are so proud of our youngest team member that we felt it was time we would introduce this gifted L’Equipe de Nîmes member to the world. Meet Maxime van Namen and her favorites soon on our Blog!

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