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Well Worn: Big John Ruri by Sander

20 September 2013 - Tags: Big John Ruri Denim Dry Denim Wear out Worn out Well worn

Back in the days when I started working in denim stores in The Hague I met Sander. We used to work together at Mode D'emploi selling's crazy amounts of Atelier LaDurance denim and other nice rigids. Sander would always buy one pair and wear that until the taylor would seriously recommend him to buy a fresh one. I have never see someone tearing jeans apart like Sander does. Maybe it is the fact he only buys one each time, or the fact he's got hobbies that I do not know about, but the result of many of his denim wear-outs was instant museum material.

I am really proud Sander choose Tenue de Nîmes as his official denim supplier after we quit working in The Hague. Like in the old days Sander comes to the store once a year and buys himself a fresh pair or two. Because our friend asked the magic 'Mehmet' to repair some of his oldies we got the chance to capture to of his latest projects one of which we presented here. Check out this extraordinary Big John 'Ruri' denim. Isn't that just unbelievable?

Next week more of Sander's treasures when we present his latest Momotaro wear-out. Enjoy

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