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Our Tenue de Nîmes friends at Naked & Famous and Their 'Crazy' Jeans

4 September 2013 - Tags: Jeans Video Interview Naked & Famous Dry Denim

In this beautiful short video our good friends from Naked & Famous, Brandon and Bahzad, tell us what it is why they love some much what they do. We simply agree on anything when these two amazing innovative guys speak about dry denim

Naked & Famous really 'opened' the premium denim business with interpretation of the classic like the 5-pocket jeans. The fabrics they come up with made us laugh and sometimes simply left us wondering. If you told us twenty years ago that there would be a company that made glow in the dark jeans, we would probably just have laughed at you.

But at the end of the day, even Brandon and Bahzad believe the true and simple magic is is aging 5 pocket jeans! Never saw the 32oz jeans in real life? Come visit our Haarlemmerstraat store, where there's still one left! (on display that is :-))
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