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Levi's Vintage Clothing Shrink to Fit Guide: Video 3: Wash 'Em Good

3 September 2013 - Tags: Video Raw Jeans Denim Levi's Vintage Clothing

This is the last of the trilogy of options provided by Levi's Vintage Clothing, to teach you all about taking care of your denim. In our first post we showed you how to keep your jeans rigid. In the second post we provided you how to shrink your jeans in the bathtub. Everyone has got his own method of threading their rigid jeans. Just experiment with different kinds of treatments and find your own personal favorite. Experimenting with your rigid jeans is one of the things we love about 'em!

If you prefer a thorough wash and simply don’t have the time for handwashing, wash your rigid jean inside out at 86° F / 30° C. Don’t tumble-dry: it’ll shrink too much. Dry in the open air if you can, or hang them in a warm place until crispy dry. Long-term shrinkage will occur over several washes. Washing your jean will soften up the fabric once it is dry. 

If you plan to wash your rigid shrink to fit jean, buy two sizes bigger in the waist and length and wash to achieve your true size.

We've showed you three different options the threat your rigid jeans. Now it's up to you to start beating 'em up! Here's another reminder how beautiful denim gets in time.

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