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Tellason X Tenue de Nîmes Garment Dyed Indigo Ladbroke Grove

17 July 2013 - Tags: Indigo Tellason Collaboration

We are proud to announce an exclusive third collabortion with our San Francisco-based friends at Tellason. Tony and Pete produced an exclusive run of 24 pairs of the Ladbroke Grove, made from a 12,5 oz. White Oak Cone fabric. After the jeans were assembled, they were sent to the Japan Blue headquarters in Kojima, Japan. The local craftsmen dyed the limited edition Ladbroke Grove jeans one-by-one in synthetic indigo, before they were shipped to Amsterdam. The garment-dying experiment shows the versatile character of indigo blue. The collaboration symbolises the passion that we at Tenue de Nîmes share with Tellason for indigo dyed goods.

Here in our hometown Amsterdam, the jeans underwent the latest phase. The Tellason leather patches, made by Tanner Goods, were sent seperately to local Dutch tattoo artist Tim Beijsens. He customized the leather patches and tattooed Tenue de Nîmes in handwriting caligraphy on the patch. For the launch of this special collaboration, we made a video capturing the tattoo process. Enjoy.

The jeans can be found as of today in our webstore, or at one of our Tenue de Nîmes stores.

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