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Tenue de Nîmes' Menno and his beloved A.P.C. Jeans

10 July 2013 - Tags: A.P.C.

I remember trying on these A.P.C. puppies about twelve years ago in New York. I started with trying on a size 34 (what I was back in those days), but the nice person at A.P.C.'s first Soho store insisted I would try on a smaller size. When I tried on the size 33 I really thought that was not possible. By the time he advised me to try on the size 32 I was convinced he had lost his head. Laying on the table, one leg up and the other up in the sky, the only thing I could think of was how I could leave this place as soon as possible. After struggling like that for several minutes the jeans closed. During the two weeks that followed I went through pain and frustration continuously. I kept asking myself h ow this person could have ever convinced me to take this size instead of one up. But after a few months the jeans became a second skin to me. Because the legs were always so tight the 'honeycombs' became visible in a way I had never seen before (I used to wear baggy Atelier Ladurance jeans up until then). Every strange angle of my body came to life when these jeans started fading. Although many jeans followed after these A.P.C. ones, I consider this pair one of my most incredible wear outs ever. So whenever we advise you to go small, hate us for a month, read this post during that period, and love us ever after! Back soon. M

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Petit Standard
  • Petit Standard



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