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Message from Minnesota: I Love my Levi's Vintage Clothing 606 Sky High!

4 July 2013 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Denim Mesdames Style

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to find this image though Instagram. The picture shows the lovely Kate Arends, founder of the Wit and Delight blog. She and her friend Diana Colangelo travelled Europe together and fell in love with the Levi's Vintage Clothing 606 Sky High at our Tenue de Nîmes store. Because I just loved Diana's photo I asked her to share the image and explain how she came across her new love. This is what shared with me: "We stopped by Tenue de Nimes upon arriving in Amsterdam last week; it was a short 2.5 day stay before heading off to Paris, followed by Prague. I knew I had to leave with them as soon as I slipped them on; it felt as if I had worn these Levis for years. These photos were taken upon our arrival in Paris, and I wore the jeans for the rest of the trip."

To Kate and Diana: Thank you so much for sharing! This is why we started this journey. You inspired us today! 

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