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Red Wing Heritage presents: #myredwings

6 February 2013 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Red Wing Shoes

All you Red Wing aficionados out there: As from today Red Wing Heritage launches the global #myredwings campaign. The goal is to create a beautiful collection of old and wel worn pairs of Red Wing Shoes that will then be used for blog content and other posts through the social channels of Red Wing Heritage. So if you wish your boots to become world famous, take out that wonderful lived out pair of boots lying somewhere in the back of your closet.  Send us an image of your boots you have been wearing for all these months straight, capture them in a photo in your backyard and publish them on your Facebook or Instagram tagged #myredwings - Read more. The Red Wing Shoes on the picture are Menno's Red WIng Shoes 1907 6" Classic Moc as worn during his trip to Fujino, Japan

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