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5 Questions to Tellason by Tenue de Nîmes

Q: How are you guys?
A: In my opinion (Pete here), we are doing great. There was a N. Ca. music festival a couple of weeks ago called Bottle Rock.

It was in Napa Valley so in addition to seeing one of our favorite old punk bands, X, we ate like kings and drank a beer or 4 that did not taste like piss. I am also happy to say I am feeling 100% better post back surgery last month. The doctor showed me what he took out of my herniated disk and it looked like it could have been the crab meat on the top of a fancy appetizer!

Q: What's happening at the headquarters of our beloved American denim heads?
A: Summer is around the corner so we are trying to get some interns in here. We don't pay much but a free pair of jeans and a sandwich is waiting for all takers.   

Q: What new stuff can we expect from you the coming months?
A: One thing worth mentioning is we have finally nailed down a jean for the ladies out there. Obviously, the biggest challenge was the fit, which we feel great about. In addition, there was no way in Hell we were going to sacrifice all the durable standards we live for that go into our men's jeans. We needed to build something for the ladies that gave them the same feeling we get when we put our jeans on for the first time, but from the point of view of a woman. We have a strong desire to educate the ladies about durable goods, without coming off too rugged and macho. No stretch fabric here or hooch fit. This is something we are very proud of and things should be ready to send out to our shops this August. We also have a new denim shirt (10.5 oz) that was built to last as well as a new jacket we made with one of our shops in NYC called Palmer Trading Co.

Q: Can you share some secret details on the upcoming collab' with Tenue de Nîmes?
A: We just sent 30 units of our 101.10 Cone Mills White Oak 12.5 oz natural denim to Japan to be dyed with natural indigo by your indigo guru. This fabric feels as American as an old Bruce Springsteen album cover with its red, white and blue selvage stripes. Maybe you can add details about who is dying it. This is a first for us. Feel free to expand as you wish.

Also, for new stuff, we are making our own fabric for some HEAVY fleece. Old time athletic pull over hoodies and crew sweatshirts on the way...

Q: Is there anything you wish to say to the Tenue de Nîmes friends? 
A: 3+ years ago, I sent an e mail to Menno after I saw a story written about their new shop by Michael Williams from A Continuous Lean. It didn't take long to hear back and that is something I will always remember. At that time, no one had heard of us and here was one of the most inspiring denim shops in the world giving us a chance. We have massive respect for what Tenue de Nîmes does and the respect they have for people making beautiful and durable products. I am sure their customers also feel their mojo and will continue to support their global efforts for as long as they are making things happen in Amsterdam. This whole connection with TdN has been the high water mark for us, half a world away.

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