The Good Things in Life

Tenue de Nîmes at Nigel Cabourn's The Army Gym store, Tokyo

Ever since we bought our first Nigel Cabourn pieces at a small trade-show by Karl Heinz' a few years ago, we wanted to visit Nigel's hometown Japan. Thanks to our friend Michiya at Red Wing Japan we were able to meet up with Kei Sato, one of the Japanese team members who is responsible for the distribution of the brand. Kei showed us around in Daikanyama neighbourhood and told us everything about the popularity of the Cabourn brand and his store in Japan. I was happy that I choose to wear my Nigel Cabourn camo suit that day because we just had to make this happy tourist shot in front of Nigel's store. If you go and visit the store try to go in March because that is the period all the cherry blossoms bloom above the canal. It will make you realise Nigel Cabourn managed to choose the most beautiful street in Tokyo for this inspiring retail space. Check the store out here.

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