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Tenue de Nîmes presents jean number 3: TAPIO - Light Wash

3 April 2017 - Tags:

We are happy to introduce you to our third Tenue de Nîmes jean: ’TAPIO’. This third fit is developed in collaboration at the factory of our Italian ‘family’ in the North of Italy, close to Venice. The TAPIO is an extension of our PABLO jeans: our straight jean with a relaxed top-block and a slim but easy leg. TAPIO however, is based on the same top-block and upper leg as PABLO, but the leg tapers from the knee down to the bottom. 
The Tenue de Nîmes Tapio jeans are our first washed jeans. As a tribute to the traditional American ‘natural vintage’ jeans from the 70s and 80s we teamed up with CONE DENIM from Greensboro, NC. We selected one of CONE’s most famous fabrics from their 'White Oak’ collection: 1968 Memphis.  We took some of our favourite vintage jeans with us to Italy and started to work on two natural vintage washed at the former Martelli Laundry. This industry legend was responsible for the washes of basically any succesful denim brand from the past 20 years like Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Renzo Rosso’s ‘Diesel’ so it's a true honor to work at that facility! 
This specific light wash is based on one of our favourite vintage jeans from the Tenue de Nîmes archive. This natural vintage look is an original Tenue de Nîmes recipe we developed in Italy.
PLEASE NOTE: Take this washed garment 1 size bigger than your regular size!
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Tapio 1968 Memphis Light Wash
  • Tapio 1968 Memphis Light Wash


€ 299,95